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Thank you for your interest in this listening test, which is designed to study the effect of different audio processing methods on commercially recorded music.   You will be asked to listen to a series of audio samples, comparing each one to a reference sample and rating it using a sliding scale.


To complete the test, your browser needs to be fully compliant with HTML5 audio standards, therefore please use either Firefox (Mac / Windows / Linux), Chrome (Mac / Windows / Linux) or Safari (Mac only)


Please listen to the audio carefully, through either a studio monitoring system or using a good quality pair of headphones.  Avoid extreme volumes as these may cause distortion and / or discomfort.


The data is being collected in accordance with De Montfort University's Ethics Procedures and your anonymity will be maintained throughout.  No result will be ascribed to you by name in any written document or verbal presentation.  If you have any queries concerning the study, then please e-mail.

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Please complete the test by submitting your ratings to our server.  Any additional data entered here is optional and will be used solely for statistical purposes.  Your details will not be published or made available to anyone else.

You may skip any or all of these fields if you wish, but if you would like to help with subsequent aspects of the project or be notified of the final results, please submit your email address.


  • Adjust the volume control to optimise listening levels and play the reference
  • To cycle around a section of the audio, set the sliders and click loop
  • Using the sliders, rate the quality of each test item in comparison with the reference
  • When you have rated all items, click next to continue